SeaKult is a knowledge-based service provider for companies, authorities and Research institutions, as well as for Universities and other apprenticing companies. Our service portfolio covers the central topics of:

  • Advisory service & Dialogue
  • Analyses
  • Inquiries
  • Expert opinion
  • Solution design
  • Topical consulting as well as
  • Organization and realization of Seminars and Workshops

These are only some examples of our product range of scientific services. On the following pages your find some further examples:

Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)
  • Multi-use of Wind farm areas (Inquiries and Documentation)
  • Development of strategic guidelines and recommendation for co-use of offshore wind farms using the example of „Marine Aquaculture”
  • Identification of stakeholder groups for establishing co-use, considering the local „Sea-culture” of coastal communities, using socio-economic
Economic analyses
  • Economic and business assessment analyses of different lines of production
  • Regional economic analyses
  • Economic and commercial feasibility study
Fisheries and aquaculture products (open water & land-based cultures)
  • Production, Technology, dimensioning, Certification
  • Recommendation of suitable organisms and procuration of biological basic principles
  • Legislative framework
  • Site-Selection-Criteria
Planning, consulting and support service with EU-applications
  • Professional revision of project proposals
  • Translation & pre-structuring of applications
  • Project management

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